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Building Nests by Allison Jane Smith
Building Nests
Featuring the Peacock Collection by Allison Jane Smith
With Panache by Joanie Holton & Melanie Greseth
With Panache
Featuring the Paisley Panache Collection by Rosemarie Lavin
Miniatures by Julie Hendricksen
Featuring the Miniatures Collection by Julie Hendricksen
Criss Cross by Jean Ann Wright
Criss Cross
Featuring the Flannel Elements Collections from Windham Fabrics
Mary's Baltimore by Mary Koval and Theresa Leppert
Mary's Baltimore
Featuring the Baltimore Album Collection by Mary Koval REVISED Templates Added
This & That - Basic Elements by Jean Ann Wright
This & That - Basic Elements
Featuring fabric from the Flannel Elements Collection
Georgette's Snowflakes by Joanie Holton & Melanie Greseth
Georgette's Snowflakes
Featuring fabric from the Georgette Christmas Collection by Anna Griffin
Georgette Christmas by Joanie Holton & Melanie Greseth
Georgette Christmas
Featuring fabric from the Georgette Christmas Collection by Anna Griffin
Fight Like a Girl by Rosemarie Lavin
Fight Like a Girl
Featuring fabric from the Pink Ribbons Collection by Rosemarie Lavin
36 1/4" x 43"
Country Sampler by Jeanne Horton
Country Sampler
Featuring fabric from the Simpler Tymes Collection by Jeanne Horton
Gettysburg Memorial by Karen Witt
Gettysburg Memorial
Featuring fabric from the Gettysburg Collection by Nancy Gere
Acrobats by Chloe Anderson & Colleen Reale of Toadusew
Featuring fabric from the Shelburne Circus Collection from Shelburne Museum
Granmother's Hankie Quilt by Renelda Pedunas-Harter
Granmother's Hankie Quilt
Featuring fabric from the Hankie Club Collection by Whistler Studios
Spa Quads by Amy Walsh & Janine Burke
Spa Quads
Featuring fabric from the Spa Collection by Rosemarie Lavin
Lizzie Hearts by Melanie Greseth & Joanie Holton
Lizzie Hearts
Featuring fabric from the Lizzie Collection by Anna Griffin
Storytime by Chloe Anderson & Colleen Reale of Toadusew
Featuring fabric from the Storybook VIII Collection by Whistler Studios
Nine Patch Go-Round by Deborah Hearn
Nine Patch Go-Round
Featuring Anna Griffin's Eliza Collection.
Nouveau by Janet Houts
Featuring fabrics from the Nouveau collection by Nancy Gere, c. 1886
Harriet's Legacy by Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith of Homestead Hearth
Harriet's Legacy
Featuring The American Woman's Home Collection fabrics inspired by The Harriet Beecher Stowe Center Learn more about the historical origins of this collection, visit
Woven Ribbons by Barbara Campbell
Woven Ribbons
Featuring fabrics from the Software collection by Yolanda Fundora with Barbara Campell Visit Love In Stitches for more information on products by Barbara Campbell and Yolanda Fundora
Papa's Pipe Tobacco by Jill Reid
Papa's Pipe Tobacco
Featuring fabrics from the Dargate Prussian Blue fabric collection by Margo Krager
Lydia's Dowry by Patty Harants
Lydia's Dowry
Featuring fabrics from the Lancaster Heritage collection by Patty Harants.
FANciful by Jill Reid
Featuring fabrics from the Empress fabric collection, c. 1870 , by Nancy Gere
Center Medallion Reproduction Quilt by Patty Harants
Center Medallion Reproduction Quilt
Supply for this FREE pattern for the Center Medallion Reproduction Quilt, featuring fabrics from our William Penn's Vision fabric has run out. To purchase your quilt pattern, contact Patty Harants.
Bluestone Walkway by Deborah Hearn
Bluestone Walkway
Featuring fabrics from the Pennsylvania Bluestone collection by Deborah Hearn
Fredericksburg by Nancy Gere
Featuring fabrics from the Fredericksburg collection, c. 1895
WhirliGig by Jill Reid
Featuring fabrics from the Miniatures collection by Nancy Gere, c. 1886
Jacob's Ladder by Jeanne Horton
Jacob's Ladder
Featuring fabrics from the Worn & Loved Collection by Jeanne Horton
Wild Blue Yonder Quilt by Jill Reid
Wild Blue Yonder Quilt
Featuring Dargate Cheddar Illuminations by Margo Krager
Scarlett's Web by Jill Reid
Scarlett's Web
Featuring fabrics from the Garibaldi II, 1870 collection
Vintage Euro Nursery Garden by Jeanne Cysewski and June DeYoung
Vintage Euro Nursery Garden
Featuring Vintage Euro Nursery Garden by Margo Krager
Pinwheel Promenade by Pat Speth
Pinwheel Promenade
Featuring Attic Heirlooms by Pat Speth Complete project kits are available directly through Pat Speth or through the Fat Quarter Shop.
In the Pink by Jill Reid
In the Pink
Featuring fabrics from COLONIES ANNIVERSARY fabric collection
Nightfall by Jill Reid
Featuring Fall River by Nancy Gere (as seen in Fons & Porter Love of Quilting) Complete Kits available from Homestead Hearth.
Salmon Trails by Jill Reid
Salmon Trails
Featuring fabrics from the Colonies: Salmon & Chocolate