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Fredericksburg by Nancy Gere
Featuring fabrics from the Fredericksburg collection, c. 1895
WhirliGig by Jill Reid
Featuring fabrics from the Miniatures collection by Nancy Gere, c. 1886
Jacob's Ladder by Jeanne Horton
Jacob's Ladder
Featuring fabrics from the Worn & Loved Collection by Jeanne Horton
Wild Blue Yonder Quilt by Jill Reid
Wild Blue Yonder Quilt
Featuring Dargate Cheddar Illuminations by Margo Krager
Scarlett's Web by Jill Reid
Scarlett's Web
Featuring fabrics from the Garibaldi II, 1870 collection
Vintage Euro Nursery Garden by Jeanne Cysewski and June DeYoung
Vintage Euro Nursery Garden
Featuring Vintage Euro Nursery Garden by Margo Krager
Pinwheel Promenade by Pat Speth
Pinwheel Promenade
Featuring Attic Heirlooms by Pat Speth Complete project kits are available directly through Pat Speth or through the Fat Quarter Shop.
In the Pink by Jill Reid
In the Pink
Featuring fabrics from COLONIES ANNIVERSARY fabric collection
Nightfall by Jill Reid
Featuring Fall River by Nancy Gere (as seen in Fons & Porter Love of Quilting) Complete Kits available from Homestead Hearth.
Salmon Trails by Jill Reid
Salmon Trails
Featuring fabrics from the Colonies: Salmon & Chocolate
Princess Feather by Debby Kratovil
Princess Feather
Featuring fabrics from the Regency Dandy fabric collection by Gerald Roy
Family Tree, Family Memories by Jill Reid and Susan McDermot
Family Tree, Family Memories
Featuring Family Tree II with Family Tree I by Mary Koval
Squares Dancin? by Jill Reid
Squares Dancin?
Featuring fabrics from the Farmhouse West collection by L.B. Krueger
Feedsack Kaleidoscope by Debby Kratovil
Feedsack Kaleidoscope
Featuring fabrics from the Feedsack III Collection, c.1930
Farmhouse Logs by LB Krueger
Farmhouse Logs
from Farmhouse by LB Krueger
Victoria Rose by Jill Reid
Victoria Rose
Featuring Victoria by Mary Koval
Prairie Winds Quilt by Jill Reid
Prairie Winds Quilt
From the Prairie Winds Collection by Nancy Gere
Fuzzball Flowers by
Fuzzball Flowers
from Feedsack II and Cuddle
Pillow Case & Curtain Valance by Suzie Osburn
Pillow Case & Curtain Valance
from Emmalyne's Days Of The Week by Suzie Osburn
Homage to Sarah by Mary Koval
Homage to Sarah
from Family Tree by Mary Koval
Lone Star by Karen Stephens
Lone Star
Featuring fabrics from the Fredericksburg collection, c. 1895 by Nancy Gere
Woven Dargate Ribbons by Susan McDermott
Woven Dargate Ribbons
Featuring fabrics from the Dargate Ribbons collection by Margo Krager Visit for more information on The Dargate Book and Margo Krager.
Pennsylvania Scherenschnitte by Jill Reid
Pennsylvania Scherenschnitte
Featuring fabrics from the Lancaster Heritage Collection by Patti Harant
PJ Bear by Sheri Small
PJ Bear
Featuring MicroChamois prints and solids by Baum Textile Mills
Little Dresses by Carolyn Lewis
Little Dresses
Featuring fabrics from the Bloom collection by Laurie Bird
Pathways to the Stars by Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith
Pathways to the Stars
Featuring fabrics from the American Woman?s Home Collection? II collection
Barrister Apron by Megan Avery
Barrister Apron
Featuring fabrics from the Wainscott collection by LB Krueger
Harmony Quilt by Janet Houts
Harmony Quilt
Featuring fabrics from the Harmony collection by Rosemarie Lavin
Tumbling Dice by Debby Kratovil
Tumbling Dice
Featuring fabrics from the PLAY collection of fabrics by Jackie Shapiro
Poetry in Muslin by Susan McDermott
Poetry in Muslin
Featuring fabrics from the Mary?s Muslins collection by Mary Koval
Sweet Baby Quilt by Jackie Clark
Sweet Baby Quilt
Featuring fabrics from The Sweetest Gifts collection by Jackie Clark
Reversible Tote Bag by LB Krueger
Reversible Tote Bag
Featuring fabrics from the Wainscott collection by LB Krueger
Nine Patch Trellis by Susan McDermott
Nine Patch Trellis
Featuring fabrics from The London Florals collection, c. 1915 by Nancy Gere
Wainscott Pillows by Jean Ann Wright
Wainscott Pillows
Featuring fabrics from the 45" wide, canvas-weight Wainscott collection by LB Krueger
Christmas Greetings by Jean Ann Wright
Christmas Greetings
Featuring fabrics from the Grace Christmas collection by Anna Griffin