Hackney and Co.

Katy Hackney is an illustrator, artist and print designer based in the Orkney Isles. A small archipelago of islands in the north of Scotland, UK

With a BA Degree in textile design from Loughborough university, and with experience of print & design of over 15 years, Katy decided to set up her design studio Hackney & Co in 2015 after winning the Ideal Home Show wallpaper of the year award.

Today she is inspired by nature, the small forgotten things, a moth, a weed, a bee and the stories each has to tell us. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of the botanical world and the folklore behind many herbs and wildflowers she finds within the Scottish Highlands and Islands. She sells prints & cards and draws botanicals for many clients on a freelance basis.

Her organic designs are illustrated by hand, drawing delicate line work in pen and ink and adding layers of watercolour. See more of her work at:

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