L Atelier Perdu

I live in a small village, enjoying my everyday life in a quintessentially French country house in South Burgundy, France. I love to spend time home in my studio to draw, sew, stitch and be creative. It all started with my passion for cross stitch and thread colors many years ago. It gradually led me to printed fabrics and a crave for collecting them. As a needleworker, a new world naturally opened up to me: that of quilting. Back then, I used to write a blog and share everything related to my needlework. Like-minded people soon felt attracted to what seems something they felt part of, and my audience kept growing faster. 

In 2010, L Atelier Perdu was born and my supporting community quickly became engaged in the designs I started to release, be it cross-stitching or quilting. Even more so when I decided to offer Clubs or programs where they could enjoy new projects on a regular basis. A few years later, as I had developed my graphic skills, I came up with ideas of designing my very own printed fabrics. This was the starting point of my journey as a fabric designer. ~Natalie 

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