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Maja Lindberg

Hi, Iím Maja. I live in a small town by the sea in the south part of Sweden, together with my family. Every morning I step out to my little studio, sit down in my armchair and start drawing on my iPad. Most often I have an idea of what to draw, but as the day goes by, more and more ideas come to mind and when the illustration is finished, it has grown into a new picture. I was really excited when I was asked to make a collection for Windham Fabrics. One of my dreams is to see my work on fabric, and itís now coming true! Making the collection ďFour SeasonsĒ suited me perfectly because I usually focus on outside surroundings in my pictures. In Sweden, we donít have that many hours of sun so when the weather is good, we all go outdoors to enjoy our parks and nature.

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