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Melissa Marie Collins

Melissa Marie Collins is a Midwest girl who delights in the simple things of life: walks in nature, sunsets, visiting the animals on friends' farms, tea parties, spending time with her husband and their pup dog, and strong relationships. She was raised in a small unincorporated area, Whittier, Iowa, that was home to generations of Quakers. Although her family was not Quaker, the influence of simple peaceful living, growing a garden, living holistically, and practicing a deep faith, built the foundation of her life. Sewing clothing and quilts was an integral part of this community and is part of her heritage. From an early age, with the influence and encouragement of her mother and both her grandmothers, she learned the magic of creating beautiful things with needle, thread, and paint. Melissa studied fine arts in college and discovered painting as an expression of her human experience. She found that painting speaks a visual language that expresses what she feels, and brings the unseen into the seen to be understood.

Melissa spends her days teaching others to paint and sew, as well as doing commission work. She loves to give lectures about the freedom of creativity and is available to travel and teach art quilting concepts. Impressions is her 11th fabric collection in the quilt industry and her first with Windham Fabrics. 

Creating fabric and making projects delights her heart. She enjoys seeing others use her art on fabric in their sewing and quilting projects.

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