Mary Koval

Windham Fabrics is delighted to "welcome home" Mary Koval; renowned expert on antique and heirloom textiles, a fabric designer, and a successful businesswoman.

Mary is a passionate and exuberant collector of all things textile. Along with her husband Joe they have turned a passion of hunting down historical treasures into a lucrative business. Joe an antique's dealer and owner of aids in her ability to find the best in the marketplace at auction and estate sales. Who knew that something they could love so much would end up being the driving force of their careers.

Mary is always on the move. She is a regular exhibitor at quilt shows and festivals around the world. She is a renowned public speaker that is in demand and sought-after for her expertise. Part of her attraction is that she looks at fabric like someone would look at a counter full of chocolates - assessing the choices and savoring every piece she sets her eyes on. The twinkle in her eyes tells you she also has a back story that makes the treasured piece come to life. It is exciting to visit her home and go into her textile and quilt archives. You can see she had to buy the complete candy store as she could not choose one piece over the other. - She wanted them all. There are textiles dating from the 1700's into the mid to late 21st century. She has everything you could possibly want and if you don't see it she will surely set out to find it for you.

Baltimore Album is her premier collection with Windham Fabrics now that she has come home. Please see our archives for previous great collections that Mary has designed.

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