Shannon Christensen

Ten Things About Shannon Christensen of Shannon’s Studio Company.

  1. She married her teenage boyfriend and sewed her wedding dress and his suit.
  2. Is a Mother of 9 children and sewed matching outfits and play clothes for them growing up.
  3. A few years ago started Mom 2.0 raising her deceased daughter and son-in-law’s baby boy Joseph.
  4. After being a stay at home for 32 years is reinventing herself with a career as a Fabric/Surface Pattern Designer and Creative Coach.
  5. Her past creative lives include being a watercolor teacher at Sundance Resort, a fine artist featured in Western Art Collector magazine and museums, a one time t.v. role appearance as studio space inspiration for HGTV’s Rate My Space, an illustrator for magazines, a parade float builder, a candy window display creator, and a speaker of her art to an International Delegation for Family Policy.
  6. She graduated from BYU with a BFA in Illustration at 42, the same day as her 19 year old daughter graduated with a BA in English.
  7. Started painting at 5, crocheting at 8, sewing at 12, embroidery at 13, first quilt at 14, drawing at 15, flat pattern design at 18, paper crafts at 22, portraits at 25, acrylics at 30, computer graphics at 33, gouche at 38, oils at 40, watercolors at 52, and fabric designer at 55
  8. Has taught art, craft, and lifestyle classes for 35 years and currently teaches Skillshare classes online.
  9. Is thrilled to be a Windham Fabric designer and has her first fabric projects book, Bring Happy to Your Home, coming out in Summer of 2018.
  10. Believes creativity is not just for the creative and that she can help others through their creative journeys following the motto ME + YOU = Look What We Can Do.

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