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Sophia Santander

Sophia's life can be described as an insatiable need to learn and to create. Her work is recognized for its exacting artistry and exquisite color harmonies that transcend textile design. Sophia's training began in Fine Arts; her first solo show featured mostly portrait paintings of friends and strangers alike. Sophia has studied Painting, Architecture, and Art Education at some of the most prestigious art and design institutes, culminating her studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Textile and Surface Design with a minor in History of Art. Being classically trained, Sophia makes very conscious design decisions and draws inspiration from the Masters to ancient cultures alike. Her own culture and Native South American heritage often infuse her work in both color and motifs.

Sophia's passion for learning always ignites her next move. At age twelve she took on her first job in order to pay for a trip to Europe. Throughout her teen and college years, Sophia held many jobs and sold her latest creations at numerous art fairs and markets. Her painted silk scarves, handcrafted jewelry, one of a kind greeting cards, and architectural drawings and cityscapes funded her learning. In turn her learning via travel, museum visits, extracurricular courses, and work/study abroad fueled in Sophia a greater desire to create. It is all of these experiences that lend Sophia her versatility in expression and have afforded her many successes. Whether designing for fabric or in previous design endeavors, Sophia has the capacity to relate to her product and to her end customer.

Currently, Sophia not only designs at Windham Fabrics, but is the Design Director of a department she leads with meticulous care and dedication for both the work output and the talented designers on her team. She takes educated risks and welcomes challenges with optimism. She lives in gratitude for her life's opportunities and her family who lovingly sustain her as she continues to grow, learn, and create.

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