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Free Projects

Winding Road by Lisa Swenson Ruble
Winding Road
63 x 72
Welcome Home by Wendy Sheppard
Welcome Home
60 x 72
Take Flight (Happy Chance) by Natalie Crabtree
Take Flight (Happy Chance)
65 x 65
Super Stellar by Wendy Sheppard
Super Stellar
99 x 99
Sunshine and Petals by Natalie Crabtree
Sunshine and Petals
64-1/2 x 64-1/2
Out of This World by Lisa Swenson Ruble
Out of This World
54 x 60
Metallic Medallions by Natalie Crabtree
Metallic Medallions
83 x 83
Evening Reading by Wendy Sheppard
Evening Reading
63 x 76
Bright Lights by Wendy Sheppard
Bright Lights
66 x 90
Wabi Sabi Wholecloth by Lisa Swenson Ruble
Wabi Sabi Wholecloth
55" x 66"
Designer Face Mask by Windham Fabrics
Designer Face Mask
Four Mask Sizes (L - M - S - Child)
Homegrown by Wendy Sheppard
60 x 75
Snow Buddy by Natalie Crabtree
Snow Buddy
35 x 44
Block Party (Home) by Wendy Sheppard
Block Party (Home)
66 x 84
Fragrant Flowers by Natalie Crabtree
Fragrant Flowers
71-1/4 x 79-1/2
Twinkle Lights by Natalie Crabtree
Twinkle Lights
67 x 81
A Chance of Flurries by Natalie Crabtree
A Chance of Flurries
70-1/2 x 70-1/2
Five and Ten Yardage Charts by Denyse Schmidt
Five and Ten Yardage Charts
Summer School Yardage Charts by Various Designers
Summer School Yardage Charts