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Free Projects

Winding Trails by Lisa Swenson Ruble
Winding Trails
63 x 72
Criss Cross Applesauce by Natalie Crabtree
Criss Cross Applesauce
66 x 66
Puppy Pillow by LJ Simon
Puppy Pillow
12 x 16
Callie Tote by LJ Simon
Callie Tote
14w x 11-3/4h x 6d
Revolutions by Natalie Crabtree
72 x 72
Elixir by Natalie Crabtree
66-1/2 x 86-1/4
Polar Opposites by Natalie Crabtree
Polar Opposites
60 x 60
Opposites Attract by Wendy Sheppard
Opposites Attract
67 x 91
Gwens Daydream by Natalie Crabtree
Gwens Daydream
93 x 93
Dropcloth by Wendy Sheppard
53 x 62
Compass Point (Seven Seas) by Heidi Pridemore
Compass Point (Seven Seas)
60 x 60
The Quad by Diane Nagle
The Quad
60 x 60
Stacked Up by Wendy Sheppard
Stacked Up
74 x 88
Alphabet Soup by Natalie Crabtree
Alphabet Soup
70 x 79
Around the Track by Natalie Crabtree
Around the Track
Quilt: 57 x 57 | Pillow: 20 x 30
Monster Truck Jam by Lisa Ruble
Monster Truck Jam
61 x 61
Power Up by Marsha Moore
Power Up
47 x 65
Looking Glass by Diane Nagle
Looking Glass
70 x 70
Carnival Runner by Helle-May Designs
Carnival Runner
14 x 46