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Free Projects

Knickknacks & Kitty Cats by Wendy Sheppard
Knickknacks & Kitty Cats
55 x 63
Isobels Garden by Marsha Evans Moore
Isobels Garden
56 x 56
Harbor Line by Wendy Sheppard
Harbor Line
75.5 x 90.5
Flock by Josie Kate Snyder
48.5 x 63
First Light by Diane Nagle
First Light
66 x 80
Dottie Dots by Diane Nagle
Dottie Dots
68 x 68
Cardinals Bouquet by Marsha Evans Moore
Cardinals Bouquet
65.5 x 65.5
Blue Ridge Court by Wendy Sheppard
Blue Ridge Court
91 x 91
Dewdrop by Heidi Pridemore
34 x 40
Star Cluster by Wendy Sheppard
Star Cluster
75 x 75
Harlequin (Frosting) by Christine Stainbrook
Harlequin (Frosting)
48 x 60
Star Struck (QE5) by Natalie Crabtree
Star Struck (QE5)
69 x 69
Winding Road by Lisa Swenson Ruble
Winding Road
63 x 72
Welcome Home by Wendy Sheppard
Welcome Home
60 x 72
Take Flight (Happy Chance) by Natalie Crabtree
Take Flight (Happy Chance)
65 x 65
Super Stellar by Wendy Sheppard
Super Stellar
99 x 99
Sunshine and Petals by Natalie Crabtree
Sunshine and Petals
64-1/2 x 64-1/2
Out of This World by Lisa Swenson Ruble
Out of This World
54 x 60
Metallic Medallions by Natalie Crabtree
Metallic Medallions
83 x 83
Evening Reading by Wendy Sheppard
Evening Reading
63 x 76