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The Generals by Karen Witt
The Generals
60 x 60
Around the World by Karen Witt
Around the World
Featuring the World Maps Collection by Sue Schlabach
54 x 46
Colonial Sunrise by Karen Witt
Colonial Sunrise
of Reproduction Quilts
Featuring the New Colonies Circa 1830-1890 by Nancy Gere
70" x 70"
Crazy For Shelburne by Karen Witt
Crazy For Shelburne
© Reproduction Quilts
Featuring the Crazy for Shelburne Collection by Shelburne Museum
84" x 84"
Alice's Stars by Karen Witt
Alice's Stars
©Reproduction Quilts
Featuring the Alice Putman Collection by Nancy Gere™
75 1/2" x 75 1/2"
Fruit Bowl by Karen Witt
Fruit Bowl
©Reproduction Quilts
Featuring the Aubergine Collection by Whistler Studios
60" x 60"
Jane's Baskets by Karen Witt of Reproduction Quilts
Jane's Baskets
Featuring The Dear Jane II Collection by Brenda Papadakis
66 1/2" x 66 1/2"
Recliner Quilt by Karen Witt of Reproduction Quilts
Recliner Quilt

Featuring the Into the Woods Collection by Whistler Studios

56" x 80"
Manchester Rose by Karen Witt of Reproduction Quilts
Manchester Rose
Featuring the Manchester Collection by Nancy Gere
55 1/2" x 55 1/2"
Shelburne Garden by Karen Witt of Reproduction Quilts
Shelburne Garden
Featuring the Shelburne Calico Garden Collection
In Association with Shelburne Museum of Vermont
66" x 66"
Pennsylvania Morning by Karen Witt
Pennsylvania Morning
Civil War VIII Featuring the Gettysburg Collection by Nancy Gere
Seville Place by Karen Witt
Seville Place
Featuring the Seville Collection by Whistler Studios
Gettysburg Memorial by Karen Witt
Gettysburg Memorial
Featuring fabric from the Gettysburg Collection by Nancy Gere
Washington's Legacy by Karen Witt
Washington's Legacy
Created with fabrics from the Old Glory IV: Election Commemorative Edition collection by Nancy Gere
Southern Stars by Karen Witt/Reproduction Quilts
Southern Stars
Featuring fabric from the Civil War VI collection, c. 1860 by Nancy Gere
Providence Counterpane by Karen Witt
Providence Counterpane
Featuring fabric from the The Providence Collection collection from Colonial Williamsburg
Civil War Presidents by Karen Witt
Civil War Presidents
Featuring fabric from the Lincoln Bicentennial Commemorative Collection 1809-2009 by Nancy Gere
Anniversary Quilt by Karen Witt
Anniversary Quilt
Featuring fabric from the Fairmount Park collection by Nancy Gere.
Union General 1861-1865 by Karen Witt
Union General 1861-1865
Featuring fabric from the Civil War VII ca. 1865 Collection by Nancy Gere
Sally Rose's Quilt by Karen Witt
Sally Rose's Quilt
Featuring fabric from the Sally Rose Collection by Eileen Jahnke Trestain
Union Generals 1861-1865
by Karen Witt
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