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Free Projects


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Flying Free by Jean Katherine Smith and Sue Pickering
Flying Free
Featuring the Freedom collection by Whistler Studios
52 x 52"
I Fight For Freedom by Jean Katherine Smith and Sue Pickering
I Fight For Freedom
Featuring the Freedom collection by Whistler Studios
36 x 36"
Paris Days by Sue Pickering and Jean Katherine Smith
Paris Days
Featuring the I Dream of Paris Collection by Pela Studios
83" x 84"
Ziggy Love by Jean Katherine Smith
Ziggy Love
Featuring the Ziggy Collection by French Bull
Size: 56" x 60 or 80" x 84"
Midnight Star by Jean Katherine Smith
Midnight Star
Featuring the Midnight Blues Collection by Nancy Gere
60" x 60"
“The Sophisticated Cow” by Jean Katherine Smith
“The Sophisticated Cow”
Featuring the Farm Chic Collection by Kate McRostie
58" x 80"
Fresh Connections by Jean Katherine Smith
Fresh Connections
Featuring the Fresh Collection by Another Point Of View
71" x 88"
Antique Notions by Jean Katherine Smith
Antique Notions
Featuring the Haberdasher Collection by Brian Haggard
57" x 57"
Flying High by Jean Katherine Smith
Flying High
Featuring the Chloe Collection by Color Bakery
75" x 75"
Whispers of Home by Jean Katherine Smith
Whispers of Home
Featuring the Gazebo Collection by Valorie Evers Wenk
60" x 78"
Baby Pinups by Jean Katherine Smith
Baby Pinups
Featuring the Baby Buddies Collection by Whistler Studios
38" x 42"
Bear Paws by Jean Katherine Smith
Bear Paws
Featuring the Cabin Fever Flannel Collection by Whistler Studios
50" x 60"
Bella by Jean Katherine Smith
Featuring the Bella Collection by Lotta Jansdotter
40" x 50"
Picking Grapes by Jean Katherine Smith
Picking Grapes
Featuring the Wine and Cheese Collection by Whistler Studios
76" x 76"
Bella's Bird by Jean Katherine Smith
Bella's Bird
Featuring the Bella Collection by Lotta Jansdotter
40" x 50"
Lanterns in the Breeze by Jean Katherine Smith
Lanterns in the Breeze
Featuring the Breeze Collection by Rosemarie Lavin Designs
60" x 60"
Sunshine and Shadows by Jean Katherine Smith
Sunshine and Shadows
Featuring the Chesapeake Collection by Willamsburg
72 1/2" x 72 1/2"
My Mother Sews by Jean Katherine Smith
My Mother Sews
From the Improv Quilt Design Studio
Featuring the McCall's Collection by McCall's
63" x 76"
Field of Flowers by Jean Katherine Smith
Field of Flowers
Featuring the Shadow Flower Collection by Jackie Shapiro
52 1/2" x 65 1/2"
“This Way” by Jean Katherine Smith
“This Way”
Featuring the Route 66 Collection by Whistler Studios
78" x 78"
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