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Lions In The Field by Jean Ann Wright
Lions In The Field
Featuring The Farmer Fancy Collection in association with the National Museum of the American Coverelet
68" x 84"
Criss Cross by Jean Ann Wright
Criss Cross
Featuring the Flannel Elements Collections from Windham Fabrics
This & That - Basic Elements by Jean Ann Wright
This & That - Basic Elements
Featuring fabric from the Flannel Elements Collection
Wainscott Pillows by Jean Ann Wright
Wainscott Pillows
Featuring fabrics from the 45" wide, canvas-weight Wainscott collection by LB Krueger
Christmas Greetings by Jean Ann Wright
Christmas Greetings
Featuring fabrics from the Grace Christmas collection by Anna Griffin
Sound Waves by Jean Ann Wright
Sound Waves
Created with fabrics from the All That Jazz collection by Sheri Small
Oh Oh Olivia! by Jean Ann Wright
Oh Oh Olivia!
Featuring fabric from the Olivia collection by Rosemarie Lavin
Aurora by Jean Ann Wright
Featuring fabric from the Aurora collection by Anna Griffin
Flora Fantasy by Jean Ann Wright
Flora Fantasy
Featuring fabric from the Flora collection by Anna Griffin
Darcey Dots by Jean Ann Wright
Darcey Dots
Featuring fabric from the Darcey collection by Anna Griffin
Greet The Day! by Jean Ann Wright
Greet The Day!
Featuring fabric from the Greet the Day collection by Lori Siebert
Millicent Rose by Jean Ann Wright
Millicent Rose
Featuring fabric from the Millicent collection by Anna Griffin
Fiona's Garden by Jean Ann Wright
Fiona's Garden
Featuring fabric from the Fiona collection by Anna Griffin
Elegance II by Jean Ann Wright
Elegance II
Featuring fabric from the Elegance II collection by Rosemarie Lavin
Rhumba by Jean Ann Wright
Featuring fabric from the Rhumba collection by Rosemarie Lavin
Marie Webster by Jean Ann Wright
Marie Webster
Featuring fabric from the Marie Webster collection by Georgia Bonesteel in Association with the Quilter?s Hall of Fame.
Loves Me Loves Me Not by Jean Ann Wright and Genevieve Gail
Loves Me Loves Me Not
Featuring fabric from the Flower Bucket collection by Genevieve Gail.
Calisto Patio Tiles by Jean Ann Wright
Calisto Patio Tiles
Featuring fabric from the Calisto collection by Anna Griffin?.
Give Me Liberty by Jean Ann Wright
Give Me Liberty
Featuring fabric from the Liberty Collection from Colonial Williamsburg
Give Peace A Chance by Rosemarie Lavin & Jean Ann Wright
Give Peace A Chance
Featuring fabric from the Feelin? Groovy Collection by Rosemarie Lavin
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