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Free Projects

Unity Square by Char Hopeman
Unity Square
55 x 73
Colonial Court by Char Hopeman
Colonial Court
75 x 95
Crow's Feet by Char Hopeman
Crow's Feet
60 x 72
Cross Breeze by Char Hopeman
Cross Breeze
50 x 70
Alice in Wonderland by Char Hopeman
Alice in Wonderland
47 x 59
Shades by Char Hopeman
64 x 81
Coryn's Mosaic by Char Hopeman
Coryn's Mosaic
57 x 75
Pinstripes and Pinwheels by Char Hopeman
Pinstripes and Pinwheels
Featuring the Chambray Rose collection by Nancy Gere
76 x 96''
Woven Together by Char Hopeman
Woven Together
Featuring the Ariana collection by Williamsburg.
88 x 100"
Kaleidoscope Morning by Char Hopeman
Kaleidoscope Morning
Featuring the Ariana collection from Williamsburg
78 x 103"
Ophelia's Garden Party by Char Hopeman
Ophelia's Garden Party
Featuring the Ophelia ca. 1895 collection by Nancy Gere
72 x 87''
Dance Around the Square by Char Hopeman
Dance Around the Square
Featuring the Sophie collection by Mary Koval 
81 x 81
A Delicate Balance  by Char Hopeman
A Delicate Balance
Featuring the Carolyn collection by Nancy Gere
81 x 81
On the Fringe by Char Hopeman
On the Fringe
of the Cottage Press featuring the Ariana collection from Williamsburg.
84 x 84
Poseys for Peyton by by Char Hopeman
Poseys for Peyton
featuring the Peyton collection by Nancy Gere
58 x 76