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Ezekiel's Wheel

by Debby Kratovil
Ezekiel's Wheel by Debby Kratovil
62" x 62"

The following color numbers have been corrected for this project. Please note the project has been corrected on the website but if you have an older version, please note:
Under Materials You Will Need

- 35076-1 Blue (35076-3 Brown NOT 1 Brown): 1-1/2 yards for borders
- 35078-1 Blue (35078-2 Black NOT 1 Black): 1 yard for block background

October 1, 2012

There was a duplication and omission on the fabric requirements. The project on the website is now reflective of the changes but shou d y ou have an older version, please note the follwong:

Under materials you will need

Omit Duplicate:
35082-2 Blue (35082-6 rust) - 1-3/4 yds

Add Missing:
Green (35082-4) and Grey (35082-5) - 5/8 yds

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