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Free Projects

Pineapply Ever After by Wendy Sheppard
Pineapply Ever After
61 X 73
Earthly Elements by Natalie Crabtree
Earthly Elements
72 X 84
A Christmas Gift by Natalie Crabtree
A Christmas Gift
67 X 81
Wake the Sun by Wendy Sheppard
Wake the Sun
92 X 92
Color Twist by Diane Nagle
Color Twist
Wintergreen Tree Farm by Wendy Sheppard
Wintergreen Tree Farm
78" x 89"
Tree Skirt - Home for the Holidays by Windham Fabrics
Tree Skirt - Home for the Holidays
42" diameter
Starry Blue by Natalie Crabtree
Starry Blue
51" x 51"
Second Wind by Wendy Sheppard
Second Wind
75" x 90"
Sea to Shining Sea by Natalie Crabtree
Sea to Shining Sea
68" x 68"
Rippling Flags by Natalie Crabtree
Rippling Flags
61-3/4" x 70"
Portside by Natalie Crabtree
78" x 78"
Pine Ridge by Wendy Sheppard
Pine Ridge
39" x 42"
From our Family to Yours by Wendy Sheppard
From our Family to Yours
61" x 81"
Happy Christmas by Wendy Sheppard
Happy Christmas
63" x 69"
Charming Garland by Wendy Sheppard
Charming Garland
72" x 84"
Floral Fantasy by Marsha Evans Moore
Floral Fantasy
59-1/2" x 81-1/2"
Flags on Parade by Natalie Crabtree
Flags on Parade
72" x 72"