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by Jill Reicks
Hope by Jill Reicks
View Collection: Fight Like a Girl

The pattern has been corrected on the website. For older versions downloaded, please note the following:

Due to the fact that this fabric is a directional pattern, please not the following fabric increase:

33355-4 (white with lettering & ribbons)
Yardage: 1 1/3 yard (NOT 1 yard)

33353-X (stripes and ribbons)
Yardage: 1/2 yard (NOT 1/4 yard)

Under Sewing Instructions:

Appliqué: REMOVE – Enlarge the appliqué pieces (ribbon is approximately 23” x 14”) and REPLACE with - Take templates and transfer to fusible webbing. (The templates DO NOT have to be enlarged)

Under 33355-5 Black (Black fabric with lettering & ribbons)

Point 2. Cut three (NOT two) strips 58” LENGTHWISE strip of fabric at 3-1/2” wide.

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